The 2250 and 2250 TX are Here!

Water Analytics has just released its third generation analyzers—the 2250 controller and 2250 TX transmitter
AquaMetrix has been making analyzers for over three decades. In 1990 the 2200 series debuted and have been so highly regarded for their durability that most are still in use and customers still insist on sending orders for them. The Shark controller and Shark TX transmitter were introduced in 2006 as multi-parameter analyzers that switch between pH, ORP, conductivity and flow.
In the six years since Water Analytics purchased AquaMetrix the company has repeatedly asked its customers and distributors what improvements it would like to see in the next generation analyzer. The result is the 2250 and 2250 TX. They boast improvements that provide just the right amount of functionality without ones that add cost but little benefit. Those improvements include:
1. A menu structure so intuitive that was designed to render the manual unnecessary.
2. A large LCD with readings visible from 30 ft away. The 2250 is backlit for greater visibility.
3. Live readings during calibration, so the user can determine when the probe reading has settled down.
4. The most accurate conductivity circuit on the market, with better than 1% accuracy over a range of 0.1 to 100,000 µS/cm.
5. Conductivity units in TDS with selectable µS/cm to mg/l conversion.
6. Three-point pH calibration option for more accurate over a wide (>3) pH range.
7. Up to 16-point conductivity calibration option for measuring concentrations of acids and bases.
8. PID control for fine-tuning 4-20 mA process control.
9. Relay options: overfeed timer, cycle on/off and delay off.
10. 2250 TX has lowest power consumption of any transmitter (12 VDC @ 4 mA).
11. Spring-loaded probe wiring connector for fast, easy and snug connections.
The 2250 and 2250 TX contains the same features that made the Shark and Shark TX popular for a decade. No additional circuit boards are needed to switch between sensors. All hardware for mounting on a wall or a panel is included. The AquaMetrix 2250 is quite simply the most durable, easiest to use, and most versatile controller on the market. The AquaMetrix 2250 TX embodies all of these qualities in a transmitter that is perfect with PLC’s and the AquaMetrix 2300.

First Installment of the Big ORP Article in Water Online

Last month Treatment Plant Operator published an article based on a white paper by Mark Spencer on ORP measurement. The article caught the attention of Water Online editors who decided to run the white paper.
You can read the article at
This is the first of 4 installments that explain ORP measurements in some detail but tailored toward non-technical users. Check it out and see why an ORP sensor may be the best kept secret in water quality instrumentation that you've never really used.

The "Readers' Digest" version of this article is the one appearing in Treatment Plant Operator. You can download it here.

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Announcing the new 4-20 Collection: Six Sensors with Direct 4-20 mA Output

This year we are bringing out an entirely new range of products scoured from 6 different contractors around the country. All of them have one thing in common: They are sensors that output directly a 4-20 mA output signal. Two of them also offer a digital output option. They include:

  • The ES-5 is a toroidal conductivity sensor that measures conductivity values from pure water to brine.
  • The AM-VFT is a Vortex flow meter that has no moving parts.
  • AM-LDO measures dissolved oxygen using luminescent technology and outputs a 4-20 mA signal OR a Modbus digital signal.
  • For installations when submerging a sensor is not practical, the AM-UST is an ultrasonic transducer for measuring level from above.
  • For installations when submerging a sensor is not an issue, the AM-HST is a hydrostatic level transducer that come customized to whatever range of depths is needed.
  • The AM-FCL measures free chlorine with a slim sensor and flow cell.

All of them connect directly to a PLC or SCADA and represent unparalleled value.